Bridal Airbrush Makeup in New Jersey, South Jersey, North Jersey, Philadelphia and Delaware

I prefer to use airbrush make-up for most events because of the longevity of product and photographic quality it gives. Please read the following information below about the benefits and results of this revolutionary way of applying make-up.

Benefits of Airbrush Makeup:

Airbrush makeup is expelled in micro-particles from an airbrush gun device held a couple of inches away from skin. It is favored in Hollywood by many makeup artists for its long wearing, water resistant, and thorough coverage. It is favored among most photographers because it gives an airbrush look in pictures and saves them a lot of post end work with retouching.

Airbrush makeup has revolutionized the way makeup is applied. With high definition TV and digital photography, there is no better way to show off a flawless and beautiful complexion without feeling made up. It is perfect for those with Rosacea, acne, and skin scarring to camouflage without any makeup buildup. Because only air touches the skin, it is the least invasive and most sanitary makeup application method available. Airbrush application is also perfect for patients recovering from any kind of surgical procedure.

Healthy: Free of talc, bismuth oxychloride, silicon, and parabens. Made from soya protein sometimes referred to as the ‘smart’ moisturizer; because of its ability to moisturize dry areas while decreasing oiliness in other areas. Soy has a softening and smoothing effect while evening out skin tone.

Moveable, lightweight, and long lasting: formulated to be moisture resistant and has the ability for long lasting wear.

Non-reflective:  the micro pulverized minerals do NOT reflect light during photography!

Why get professional airbrush makeup?

  1. Lasts for about 14-16 hours
  2. It is water resistant
  3. It photographs better than regular makeup
  4. It covers well, yet feels and goes on light well.
  5. It is perfect coverage for oily, acne, and scarred skin.
  6. Our airbrush makeup is applied by highly trained artists in New Jersey, South Jersey, North Jersey, Philadelphia area, so you look like yourself only better!
  7. You are guaranteed compliments all day!